But Why is it So Expensive?

why is leather bag so expensive stella soomlais
We’re sometimes asked this question so let’s take a closer look at our pricing.

Production costs

The cost of a bag has to cover the materials, transport costs, taxes, profits and salaries of everyone involved in the process.


The costs of the material for our typical medium-size bag are the same if not slightly higher than for a high-end fast fashion bag (around 80 EUR*). We use vegetable tanned and certified leather that’s made in Europe. It ages beautifully and outlasts many other materials.


All our bags are made in our studio in central Tallinn next to our studio shop. You can come to the studio and see how our crafters work. Instead of using anonymous, underaged or underpaid labour, our crafters are valued for the work they do and we can walk you through the entire production process.

We could use cheaper materials and produce in lower-cost countries but we want to make long-lasting bags and keep the handwork tradition alive close to home.


Fast fashion bags are typically used for only one season or maybe a maximum of a year before they’re discarded. Sometimes they find their way to the second hand market but the quality of the material is usually too low to last another round of usage.

This means that you end up buying a new bag quite frequently. The costs add up over the years so you might end up spending more on bags than you would if you invested in one that serves you for many good years.

Our designs are based on the principles of circular economy, making them easy to care for. They are repairable and we can reuse the material. Our bags last for years and even decades if you take proper care of them. If you ever get tired of the bag, you can return it to us and we can use its leather for a new round of accessories.

To operate like this, we fund innovation and development from the small profit that we make from our sales. There are no tax reductions or any kind of other benefits in Estonia for small brands who have chosen to do business in a more responsible way. 

As you can see, our prices are guided by our principles of producing responsibly and making products that last.

* Based on the selections available on H&M, Zara, Mango, Lindex and Reserved online stores. This is a random choice and no harm is meant towards any of these brands.


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