Rent a bag

There is no need to own all different kinds of bags. We rent our bags for short-term – for a weekend, to try and get the feel of the bag or to go on a holiday. This is also a great way to try out and get the feeling of the bag before buying it. We will deduct the rental price from the bag price if you decide to buy or order the same model.

Reserve a bag or ask for more information

At the moment this service is only available to customers with Estonian ID-card or passport.
Small handbags:

3 days or Fri-Mon – 15 EUR
1 week – 27 EUR
2 weeks – 42 EUR
Additional day – 3 EUR

Big handbags and backpacks:

3 days or Fri-Mon – 30 EUR
1 week – 50 EUR
2 weeks – 75 EUR
Additional day – 5 EUR

Briefcases and weekend bags:

3 days or Fri-Mon – 50 EUR
1 week – 90 EUR
2 weeks – 125 EUR
Additional day – 7 EUR

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