Return the Bag

We do not want to make only new bags, but to keep them in circulation as long as possible.

Therefore we use vegetable tanned leather that is very durable, develops a delightful patina over time and ages beautifully. In addition, our design concept enables the handles, pockets and other details of the bag to be easily refreshed or changed when they become worn out or the user would like something different in function or decor. This makes it possible to use the same bag for many decades.

You may get tired of the same bag or your needs may change over time so you can always return your used bag to us. We will freshen it and make it ready for rental or second hand use. You will get studio shop credit depending on the state of the bag.

If the bag has seen rougher days and is not suitable for second hand we will use it for our Round 2 products. You still get credit for the next bag even then but the amount may be small. So it literally pays to take good care of your bag.

In order to return your bag write to us