How to choose a bag?

Are you thinking of investing in a new bag? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bag to ensure that it’s a perfect fit.
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But why is it so expensive?

We’re sometimes asked this question so let’s take a closer look at our pricing.
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About circular economy

Circular economy is an environmentally considerate way of conducting business. In all stages of production the environmental consequences and sparing aspects of the resources are considered. Possibilities and solutions for reusing or recycling the product at the end of its life cycle are thought of already when designing the product.

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Time to talk about leather

It is somehow often overlooked that leather grows on an animal and it reflects all the life of this particular creature, making it only natural to find scratches and scars on its skin. Tanning and further treatments of leather will not make these signs invisible and then again, why should we vanish this memory of a life lived?
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How to take care of your bag

Our bags are made from vegetable tanned leather. It is a very strong and long lasting material but inevitably its lifetime and looks still largely depend on regular and proper care.

It is important to remember that different leather types behave differently and these instructions are meant specially for Stella Soomlais bags.
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Round and Round We Go

Here we will explain how you can return the bag we have made and you have lovingly used until the end of its glorious life.

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