Gary Markle x Stella Soomlais

Introducing the "Go To Helsinki" Knapsack: A Collaboration with Gary Markle

Our collaboration with Canadian fashion artist, Gary Markle, began in his SOLO workshop, a creative space he received as a birthday gift from his partner. Gary, an artist, researcher, and educator, splits his time between Tallinn, Helsinki, and Halifax, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our collaboration.

About Gary Markle

Gary Markle is not just a fashion artist; he's a visionary exploring the narratives of (be)longing in more-than-human worlds through expanded fashion. With a BFA in fashion design from Parsons School of Design in NYC and an MFA in textiles from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Gary has a deep-rooted passion for his craft. He serves as an Associate Professor of Craft in the Textiles/Fashion Department at NSCAD and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Arts at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Gary's practice-led design research delves into the profound question: Do we make craft, or does craft make us? This philosophical inquiry informs his work, making him the perfect collaborator for our project.

Gary is the sort of person who appeals – his hands-on way of thinking and being, accompanied by philosophical views, makes him easy to be around. He loves to help people and has a magical ability to make them shine by detecting strengths and passions that individuals themselves are insecure about. Like any other human being, he likes getting things done, but what sets him apart is his ability to enjoy the process and sharing. With experience in design, art, craft, teaching, and even organic farming, he has the ability to see the missing pieces of the puzzle needed to sort things out and develop to the next level.

The Birth of the "Go To Helsinki" Knapsack

When Gary joined us in our studio, his enthusiasm for the process and the results was infectious. We wanted to share this joy with others, leading to the creation of a versatile knapsack designed for people constantly on the move. Our combined vision resulted in the "Go To Helsinki" knapsack, a larger-than-average bag perfect for short-haul travel or daily commutes that require extra space for gear.

Features and Design

Inspired by Gary's frequent travels between Tallinn, Helsinki, and Halifax, the "Go To Helsinki" knapsack features a modular pocket system that allows you to customize your storage based on your journey's needs. This design reflects both Gary's functional requirements and our studio's design ethos.

Crafted from dark brown vegetable-tanned leather, this knapsack is as durable as it is stylish. In keeping with our dedication to exclusivity and quality, only 100 items will be produced in this color, ensuring that each bag remains a unique piece of art.

Get Yours Today

The "Go To Helsinki" knapsack is now available for order with EARLY BIRD price (offer is available until 10.06). Whether you're traveling from a bog to a jet plane in a single day or simply need a reliable and fashionable companion for your daily commute, this knapsack is designed to meet your needs.

Order yours today and experience the blend of craftsmanship and innovation that defines our collaboration with Gary Markle. Stay tuned for more updates and new collaborations by following our blog and social media channels.

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