the making of

It takes 6-12 months to craft a bag, from the first meeting we have to discuss your bag, until you ride towards the sunset with a finished item.

The time it takes to craft a bag depends on the amount of orders we are currently working on, the complexity of the design and the availability of materials.

For that special gift for her or him, you can also buy a gift card, which lets the gift receiver to be part of the process and get a bag he or she really needs and desires.


1. Drop an e-mail with a brief description about what kind of a bag you crave and book a time for a meeting at the studio.

2. At the studio we take a look at the available materials and together go through your concept until it's crystal clear which direction should the design go.

3. To go through the initial sketches you are asked to visit the studio one more time so you could pick your favourite design.

Leather Designer Stella Soomlais working in the studio

4. The best draft will be further honed and the final design gets made into a paper prototype. This way we get a proper 3D sense of it. If we get all excited and you place an order, we also kindly ask for a 50% prepayment.

Leather designer Stella Soomlais making prototype of the leather bag

5. If the final design is approved, we place an order for the leather from Spain via AB H Brunner (it's arrival will take about 3 weeks).

6. When the leather material arrives, we finally get the hands on it and craft your bag.

Leather designer Stella Soomlais sewing in the studio

7. With an occult ceremony, Stella will hand over Your Bag.

8. You begin your life with a perfect bag. We have a payday. Everyone's happy.

9. We appreciate your feedback via e-mail, how things go with you and your bag.

10. If you feel your bag needs some maintenance, contact us.

Leather designer Stella Soomlais waxing leather