A man's bag that women want to wear

My parents moved abroad this summer. My mother was offered a job she could not refuse, my father had not been on a proper vacation for longer than he could remember and my brother and I had fled the nest a long time ago so everything just fell into place and off they went. Thus, my family does not conform to the prevailing trends – the older generation has decided to take over the role of their children and conquer the world, defying the wind and rain. My father embarked on this journey together with a bag I made especially for him.
Back when my dad still lived and worked in Estonia, he used to carry around a stack of papers and a pile of folders every day in a textile bag which had long seen better days and which was often paired with a plastic bag when groceries needed to be carried home after work. It is a well-known fact that the shoemaker always goes barefoot but that does not mean that the shoemaker’s father should find himself in a similar predicament!

Thanks to my mother who managed to successfully combine her daughter’s trade, husband’s need for a bag and a forthcoming celebration, my father received a bag designed by me as birthday present from my family. The days of carrying tonnes of documents around with him are over, now my father wanders on the cobbled streets of Old Towns in Europe with tulips peeping out from the bag. He recently got himself a bike which means that he only needs a basket and he is ready to cruise around with his custom-made leather accessory without a care in the world.

The bag that I designed for my father turned out to be like a man’s shirt which women love to wear. It was incredibly hard for me to part with it because it provided exactly the right dose of masculinity to balance out my love of miniskirts! Similarly, my mother is known to have adorned herself with someone else’s feathers and stolen my father’s bag now and then to enjoy the compliments which the masculine accessory seems to be attracting.

Oh well, at least it stayed in the family. If I am totally honest with you, designing a bag for my father inspired me to finally get myself together and make an everyday bag for myself too! Eventually even the shoemaker ends up with a pair of shoes!

My plan is to let my father take his well-deserved rest and enjoy his early retirement. If I detect the first signs of boredom, I will let him be for a little longer to increase his motivation and when he finally gets completely fed up with being a househusband, I will recruit him to be my sales agent! I plan to pay him with my accessories because if he continues to pursue his new hobby of buying colourful shoes, I will probably have to make him quite a few bags to go with all of them!
Stella Soomlais Design Leather Bag for Father