DIY Bag workshop

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Start the year with new skills and make yourself a small handbag or backpack!

Take time for yourself and come to the leather workshop at the beginning of the year and make a bag under the guidance of our studio staff. In addition, you can also make smaller accessories from the scraps.

The backpack model is our iconic “Go To The Library” and the smaller bag is the “Take A Short Day Off” model. Both bags can be customized in the workshop to your liking. We will use black leather, but you can choose additional colored accents or change details such as the handle, pocket, etc. If you want to make the bag in another color, please contact us.

You’ll receive a lot of new information throughout the workshop about leather as a material as well as get to know the crafting tools. In the end of the training you’ll be able to distinguish leather types, use different technologies and have the ability to make a 3D bag from 2D pattern. And last, but not the least – you’ll be feeling extremely content as you have made a backpack from scratch yourself!


Time: will be fixed with your schedule

Handbag workshop:
Backpack workshop: 800€
(price includes material)
Number of participants: 4-5 people
Language: ENG

If you fall ill or have any other reason not to join then you can use the participation fee to buy Stella Soomlais products with a 20% discount.