Our team


Creative director and head designer

Stella is driven by the idea to create a workspace where everybody loves to work, where friends and customers want to come and return again and again. Her goal is to prove that leather studio can be managed in a responsible and innovative way without causing harm to the environment. She has accomplished the transformation from sole designer to a company with dozen workers with an admirable determination. Being always focused on the bigger picture she can find solutions to most complicated problems. Supervisor, friend and instructor – Stella is a perfect all-in-one deal.


Senior crafter

Triin and Stella are in the same boat when it comes to constructing. They can easily imagine how to charm flat things into spatial dimensions. They like it so much that sometimes cardboard and paper are not enough and they will have fun playing with all kinds of pipes, tubes and even led lights. She has bachelor's degree in fashion design and is currently finishing her master's degree in textile design. She is a skilful leather crafter and has in-depth knowledge about different technologies. She also has a very good design sense that is put into good use in our development team. Warm and cheerful colleague who enjoys jolly pranks.


Senior crafter

Elise is a dedicated and thorough crafter. In addition to leatherwork she is also our production supervisor and participates in the development team work. Her mind is always trying to decode how to create as less waste as possible. She manages to organize the work of all of our crafters, teach those who are less experienced and at the same to be productive crafter herself. Elise also makes sure that all is logically organised and placed for crafters to be able to their work most comfortably. Trustworthy and fearless co-worker with the perfect smile and unique sense of humour.


Senior crafter

Gerli feels at home working both in glamorous New York fashion industry and in a small leather studio like ours. She is dedicated in her work and shows great talent as leather crafter. Gerli has hedonistic view to the world but she is also willing to put maximum effort to the work that can be sometimes very hard and drag on to late hours. Her great sense of humour helps out when times get a little tense. Additionally – she knows all the up and coming trends of the world and gives good tips for our social media communication.


Senior crafter (on maternity leave)

Egle loves millimetres and angles of all sorts. Every seam has its proper place and of course angles have to be defined. But as life is not straight you can frequently find her wandering off from the controlled seams and fooling around with material leftovers instead. To be true – she is just a big child who is responsible for the little collage making frenzy in various hidden corners of the studio – keep your eyes open when you come for a visit and let’s just say that you have been warned.




Sigrid has as much energy as the rest of our team put together. She can do in one day the same as a regular person in three and still shine all the way. She attends every problem bravely and wholeheartedly be it broken buckle, stained bag or lost tourist.  Sigrid is also a connecting dot for the older and younger generation in the studio teaching the elder how things really work nowadays.



When Maarja takes on a task, she gives it her full attention and care.  Step-by-step she is mastering increasingly complicated leather works. She also takes care that all our leather scraps find a way to further use. This is one of the reasons why our studio creates much less waste compared to regular production. Fun fact – she has bachelor’s degree in scenography and could make wonderful stage designs for our future studio band. 




Meeli was a qualified nurse before leatherwork. This may seem a little surprising choice for a leather crafter but all becomes clear as soon as you get to know her. She has both empathy and patience to complete the most demanding crafting tasks with the best quality in mind. She is a good listener and knows leather characteristics, which is beneficial as sometimes she also assists customers in our studio shop.




Diligent leather crafter who has high demands on her work and can give all details the attention they need. A colleague with a positive vibe who is always eager to improve and she masters new tasks quickly. Additionally to our studio she works in customer service in Hell Hunt and she also studies furniture restoration. She is usually the one to point at when finest homemade cakes mystically appear in our fridge, what a treat!




Kadri finished interior architecture department in Estonian Academy of Arts with the best possible score but decided to join us right after that. Where most see bits and pieces, Kadri has a gift to see unity. She is determined and focused leather crafter, her work being both fast and precise. She walks harmoniously her chosen road and always lends a helping hand when needed.


Crafter, graphical designer


Helen finished product design studies in Estonian Academy of Arts but decided to join our leather crafters team instead. She also helps out with graphical design side. Helen is fearless of any task and gladly welcomes challenges. Peaceful and calm co-worker who manages to stay optimistic when times get a bit bumpy.



Kerli is rather new to leather work but her desire to master new skills and absorb knowledge every day are giving her quick growth as crafter. Hard-working and sunny team member.


Sales and marketing manager


Maris is like a pocketknife – sharp and with multiple functions. She is concentrated on developing our sales and marketing directions. Additionally she organizes exhibitions and events, and if necessary reconstructs the studio and helps out in production. She is straightforward and keeps the company in focus. Her open-minded and imaginative nature is valuable when developing new ideas and strategies. She can see bigger picture but also take small steps daily to accomplish the set goals. All accompanied by a pun or a funny story from life.



Angeelika is like a holy spirit – seen rarely but absolutely irreplaceable in the studio. She is the voice of reason and has the gift to translate creation into various charts. She is the one who knows what goes on and makes every number find the right place in the right chart. 



Mari-Liis's background in business management, service design and IT help our dreams to come to reality faster. Her clear vision guards that our branding and communication are talking the same language.