Krõõt Kukkur

Krõõt Kukkur is a dear friend of our studio who has been collaborating with us in different ways – she is selling her pins, notebooks and postcards with fun illustrations in our studio shop and she has also conducted 4 exhibitions in our previous art gallery.

Krõõt was the first person to test the idea of “Wear an art piece, literally!” project – her colorful painting on a yellow Treasure Box bag with stained leather was our first try out if something like this would be interesting to people. We gladly discovered potential in it as the bag was sold within hours.

Krõõt’s art has humor in it – she likes to play with colors and depict animals in silly positions with funny messages. Her creation very much talks the same language as her art – she smiles a lot, spices up her conversations with jokes, yet takes no bullshit. She is a mother of 3 devily angels that she carries around in a cargo bike in old Soviet sleeping area while wearing glitter from nose to toe. She sparks up her life not only for herself and her family but also for others with the witty illustrations that you can now proudly start wearing yourself by buying one of those art bags!

The bag model of the 5 art bags is Undercover Lover that is part of our standard collection. Most of the bag has been made out of our standard vegetable tanned black leather, but the flap with Krõõt’s painting on it is the leftover material from Samelin’s footwear factory. The latter is chrome tanned coated leather so it is perfect for acrylic painting. As it anyway has no natural finish in the first place – using it as canvas for an art project adds value and saves the piece from going to the landfill and prolongs the life of the material.

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