Leather care

We use premium vegetable tanned leather of European origin cattle in our products. It is natural and durable material that ages gracefully. With proper care it can be used for decades. Because of the function of some products we sometimes also use oil tanned leather and natural surface coated chrome tanned leather.


General advice for maintenance of vegetable tanned leather


Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The colour of the leather may react to sunlight. Lighter colors will get darker and darker colors will bleach.


This leather is not fond of high temperatures. If your bag gets wet, swipe off all drops of water with a piece of cloth and let the bag dry on the room temperature. Do not dry your wet bag on a radiator or close to any other heater.


Cleaning and care


Remove stains or dirt with a damp cloth. You may also use special leather soap. To avoid shade differences clean the whole surface of the leather with circular movement.


After cleaning apply natural moisturiser with a sponge to nourish and protect the leather. Remove excessive moisture with dry cloth. Before applying the moisturiser make sure from what kind of leather your bag is made from as different types of leather react differently to care products.