This spring was difficult for everyone, including our leather studio. In the beginning of the emergency situation we announced our survival plan – a short and (for us) extreme discount. We received extraordinarily many orders, but also understood that our current production and business model has many bottlenecks that need attention. We are thankful to all of our supporters – this experience was very valuable.

The world is constantly changing, especially in the year of 2020 and so are we. We wish to reach new heights and reform the existing production systems in the leather accessories industry in general. To make a greater impact and have a real effect on our area of speciality, we need to grow and see if and how our circular design concept can be implemented to more traditional production lines and on a bigger scale.

We plan the first bigger trial in october-november with our Estonian cooperation partner in Tartu to change production processes and technologies more efficient. To test this plan out we need volume in order to quickly discover and find solutions for problems both in production and supply line.

Therefore we are looking for people who want to help us to achieve this goal. We offer a 25% discount only on black leather orders with the proviso that the waiting time is longer because the production of the ordered items will be in october-november.

The offer is limited until 10.09 or until we reach the necessary quantity.



Black leather products -25 %

Manufacturing: october-november


Code: REFORM (enter the code in the end just before paying)

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