An ode to leather

Leather evolved to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out, which pretty much makes it the ideal material for making bags.

The "research and development" of leather has been incomparably longer than that of of any man-made fabric, giving rise to a material that is naturally durable, waterproof and insulating. Ideal, yes.

On top of that, leather weathers well. As a matter of fact, it weathers to be gorgeous. Like good people, it gets better with time. Leather is also sensual – it speaks to all of our senses. Even before you can see any, you can smell leather. It has a very special soundtrack too, soft and wholesome.

Hearing leather makes you wanna touch it. When you do touch it, its smooth, but has a unique friction to it, a softness with a touch of elasticity. Not totally unlike touching another person.
Leather Designer Stella Soomlais Studio photo Tnu Tunnel